First Aid for Injuries


Whether on the job or at play injuries can happen to anyone. It is important to know the right methods of first aid for injuries so that the levels of physical pain that a victim feels can be reduced in a shorter period of time. However, if the injury appears to be severe then first aid for injuries will need to be accompanied by help from medical personnel.

First aid for injuries that are less severe can be treated with the RICE technique. This is the Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation technique. This is a good method of first aid for injuries like sprains, bruises and contusions.

Rest is the first part of the method of first aid for injuries to use. Resting the injured part will prevent swelling and bleeding from occurring. Movement should be limited until further treatment of the injury can be handled from a professional. A splint can be used if the injury does not require surgical help.

Ice helps to reduce the level of swelling in the injured area. However, blood flow can be restricted if ice is used for too long. Blood flow is needed so that the area can recover at a faster rate.

Compression is needed in first aid for injuries. Compression helps to reduce swelling and to help reduce pain. However, compression should not last for too long, as if it is used excessively and with greater force swelling levels will increase.

Elevation is the last part of the RICE technique for first aid for injuries. The injured part should be elevated by laying it over a pillow. This is needed so that fluids in the injured area do not get collected. This helps to improve the rate of recovery for the injury.

Massage is not a part of first aid for injuries that should be used. Massages can make the pain worse.

After injury heat should be applied to the harmed area immediately. This helps to get pain to be relieved and to make the victim more comfortable while further first aid for injuries is called upon.

Strengthening the muscles after injury is a part of first aid for injuries that can help to prevent further injuries to the area in the future. A diet with calcium and exercise can help to improve the injured area.

These methods of first aid for injuries should be used in order to help get injuries to be treated and to make it so that they are not painful and will not get any worse. Without using the right steps for first aid for injuries the injured area can swell up and can get injured in a more severe level.