First Aid for Sunburns


Visiting the beach can be an enjoyable activity, but a sunburn can happen if you aren’t careful. A sunburn is a first degree burn (second degree in some cases) that appears as a red patch on your skin and can be very painful. First aid for sunburns can be used to help make the condition less painful, and it can help the victim to recover from it at a greater rate. But even though first aid for sunburns is effective it is important to recognize when it will not be enough for the person.

First, it is important to see how first aid for sunburns is important. The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause sunburns, and in some cases it can lead over time to serious conditions like skin cancer or another dermal problem. While getting a tan may seem attractive, it can be dangerous, so the right first aid for sunburns is necessary.

First aid for sunburns can begin by applying a clean cloth doused in cold water to the affected area. This should be done for a few minutes, and then it should be doused in water again with the process repeated. This can be done as often as needed to treat the burn. Of course, this method of first aid for sunburns will be needed at a different level based on the severity of the burn.

A sunburn lotion is another product that can be used in first aid for sunburns. By applying the lotion to the burn area and surrounding areas you can prevent the skin from becoming inflamed. This helps to keep the sunburn from becoming worse that it already is.

If the sunburn victim faints or begins to breathe rapidly you will need to use a different measure of first aid for sunburns. Medical assistance will be needed. This should also be used for dehydration, poor urine output and blisters that are caused by sunburns. These are more serious effects of sunburns that first aid for sunburns cannot treat as easily.

There are some things for first aid for sunburns that you should avoid. Petroleum jelly should not be used in first aid for sunburns because it can make the burns aggravated. Also, strong soaps should not be used for washing the area because these soaps can have severe negative reactions on the skin.

First aid for sunburns is important, and it is essential that you know what to use in the case of a sunburn. Of course, first aid for sunburns will not work for more serious side effects, so be sure to contact a professional for help in case any major effects come as a result of a sunburn.